PCB: Use of halogen-free laminates

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PCB: Use of halogen-free laminates

The material to be used for the laminates of the PCBs that will take place in the underground areas has been discussed some times in the "Cables and material working group". It is recommended to use material without halogen for the electronics boards. Material like FR-4 (or other material with halogen) should be banned. However, if no other material exists for a given application or if the PCB manufacturer does not offer any other alternative material without halogen at a reasonable cost, it is authorized, for the LHC experiments, to use halogenated materials. In any cases, the possibility to use 0-halogen material should be investigated. 
When the production of a PCB is in the "Call to tender" phase it must be asked to the possible manufacturers the option to have the PCB made of halogen-free material and the cost influence of it. If there is no technical objection and if the cost influence stays relatively acceptable the users should go for the solution using halogen-free laminates.

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