Electronics installation

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Electronics installation

This web site tries to regroup all information in relation with the whole electronic and electrical integration and installation in the point 8 cavern. The goal of these pages is to give an overview of every systems that have to be considered and integrated to make the electronic installation in LHCb experiment's location as easy and clear as possible. An important reason to give this kind of overview is also to foresee the problems we might face, as soon as possible.

Subjects and links :

Counting House

Rack layout in counting house can be seen.


Information on different rack types. Link to rackwizard. Internal rack layout.
Cables Information on long distance links between sub-detector patch panels and counting house.
Cable Trays Cable trays layout in the cavern. Links to integration drawings.
Crates Information on crates (crate types, size, cooling, etc.)
Power Power consumption and dissipation for all sub-systems.
Electrical main power distribution Description of mains electrical power distribution. Links to electrical distribution drawings.
Halogen-free PCB Information on the use of halogen free laminates.

UX 85 cavern :

Useful links:

Grounding policy

IS 23 - Criteria for the selection of electrical cables and equipment with respect to fire safety and radiation resistance IS23_E.pdf

IS 41 - The use of plastic and other non-metallic materials at CERN with respect to fire safety and radiation resistance  IS41_E.pdf

IS 48 - Fire prevention for cables, cable trays and conduits  IS48_E.pdf


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