More information about Radiation hardness qualification and components

Radiation effects, tutorials, explanations, basic mechanisms, how to calculate, etc.:

Course given by Federico Faccio  here

ATLAS tutorials on radiation effects

Physical effects behind displacement damage (from CMS)

Tutorial on radiation effects (presented at front-end electronics meeting December 1999)

Computational method to estimate SEU rates in an accelerator environment, (SEU in CMS)
(Same paper as NIMA paper , Vol. 450, pp 155 - 172)

Excellent description of proton-irradiation techniques by NASA

Look also on general sites just below

General sites of interest for radiation effects on electronics:

Digital engineering for Space flight. Many useful papers and web pointers

NASA radiation effects and analysys. Many usefull papers and web pointers

RD49, Radiation tolerant electronics for LHC. Many useful web pointers !

ATLAS radiation hardness insurance. Many useful web pointers !

How to test:

Combined test of total dose, displacement damage and single event effects using protons (from CMS) 

Space components from suppliers:



FPGA's and radiation tolerance

Use of FPGA's in radiation: Presentation at LECC2004, Paper from LECC 2004

Radhard xlinix.

Actel FPGA's. They have several special FPGA's for space applications (flash and antifuse).
ACTEL presentation at LECC2003
Radiation test of antifuse AX FPGAs from Actel.

Power supplies:

Example of single event burn out problems in power supplies

 Low voltage drop regulators

ST radtol linear voltage regulator

Databases of components tested:

ATLAS radiation hardness components database (limited content)
login ID and password must be obtained from Francis Anghinolfi.

NASA and other components database

A few useful articles about radiation effects in HEP circuits:

Single event upsets in embedded 0.25um CMOS memory

SEU study of APV25

Radiation hard ASICs made for CMS tracker control

Conferences with papers dealing with radiation effects on electronics:

NSREC, Unfortunately no central web page for this but you can try this


LECC, (see general web pointers)

NSS, (see general web pointers)

Presentations made at LHCb electronics meetings:

Critical components in each sub-detector

Radiation hardness of ACTEL antifuse AX FPGAs ( presentation, preliminary note)

LHCb radiation hardness policy

Radiation testing of LHCb calorimeter front-end chips ( Presentation or  LHCb note).

SEU mitigation in Calorimeter electronics

Radiation qualification of CAN ELMB

ATLAS radiation hardness policy

LHCb radiation hardness policy ??

Measurement of SEU in Xilinx

Radiation effects in the electronics of CMS

Computational method to estimate SEU in an accelerator environment.